Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What the heck?

I've got a lot on my mind tonight. Thoughts just running around and around; about clothes, hair, disciplining children, articles I've read on the web today, the books I'm reading right now~ four to be exact~ ugh.... I need to whittle them down to maybe... two...

Let me just take a minute to break my thoughts down a bit:

1. Clothes: I love clothes. I love shopping on the internet. I've got about 20 shops on my "favorites bar" and I have "pretend" shopping carts at a lot of them. I think about the wedges that I have to have or the pencil skirt I just can't live without (I'm being self-deprecating here in case you couldn't tell). And I read a lot of fashion magazines. Makes my obsession even worse.

2. Hair: I'm going for the big-beachy-fuzzy-wavy look right now and I'm just not sure it's me. But I like it. And I like my self-done haircut more than I thought I would. And my kids need haircuts really bad. So does Trevor. I should make time to do that.

3. Disciplining my children: What do I do when my children give me "attitude"? How many times do I enforce a punishment before it just gets old and no longer works? So far, I'm going on about 6 months of the same punishment and I need some fresh ideas. Or maybe just a better way to teach respect. But how do I teach respect when all around we hear different forms of disrespect from every outlet?

4. Articles I've read on the web today: Articles on Planned Parenthood, the BYU basketball player that got kicked off the team, the college professor who thought it was wise to allow an immoral display in his classroom; It's  funny to me (but not really funny at all) how they all stem from the exact same problem.

5. Books I'm reading right now: Decision Points, Classy, The Screwtape Letters, Are Those Real?. All good reads and all completely and totally different from each other. I'm reading about George W. Bush, how to be a classy lady, a Christian "novel", and a book about a plastic surgeon (can you guess by the title which one that is?)

Luckily, I have lots of time to read.

Which brings me back to another article I read today on the so called "war" between working moms and stay at home moms. Did you know there was a war? Neither did I but apparently us "stay at home" moms think we're better than our counterparts because we're doing the "right" thing for our children while "working" moms are better able to provide for their children. They (apparently) can give them everything and put them in every piano/dance/art/sport class that they need to be able to live a successful life.

Personally, I didn't know it was so black and white. Like it's either you work cause you want to or you don't work cause you don't want to. What about those moms who have to work or those moms who are doing it all on their own and still struggling? Or what about all the moms who feel guilt whether they work or not because they don't feel as if they are doing what they should be doing?

Like I said, I have lots of thoughts going on in my head right now.
And now I'm going to sit on the couch with my better half and just relax.
And he is especially tired right now so we may have some snoring.
And that is just fine by me.
And here's a picture just for you:
(taken on our walk to school the other morning) 


Jenée's Blog said...

I have attempted to write 3 "comments" to this post... and each time I finish, I delete them.

I will just simply say, I read your blog post. (LoL)

sjcbthompson said...

Sounds like you have a lot on your mind:) As for the children with attitude's the pre-puberty age and no solutions have been found:)If it makes you feel any better...YOU ARE NOT ALONE in that battle. And I would bet your hair is super cute (in a trendy/chic way).

Chris and Jenna said...

I'm so glad I have all you wiser, more experienced moms to look up to! When my children hit the 'attitude' stage, I know exactly who to ask since you've already been through it! :)

Chelsey and Adam said...

I have days like this alot...mostly reflecting on the attitudes/behaviors of children (since I deal with it daily in my job. Might I suggest some amazing books called Love and Logic books. I love them and will be using methods from them when I have children), I read alot of articles, and often find myself in reflecting moods. I think these moods are good for us, it makes us wiser, however they can be frustrating, because 1-I end up realizing how terrible the world is getting and 2-people make things sound so black and white, when in reality everyone's situation is different! I'm stepping off my soap box before it's too late.

Chelsey and Adam said...

Oh also with the Love and Logic, they have a facebook page and there are alot of parents that go on there asking for advice, I've actually seen alot on the attitude problems. Then other parents who use Love and Logic, or L&L teachers, or just other parents get on and give people their ideas. I often read through them and refer adoptive parents to that page alot. There are some incredible ideas given on that facebook page

fostera said...