Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've been thinking about my mouth a lot lately (that's weird, right?) Mainly because I have a wisdom tooth growing in and it hurts like the dickens. Seriously painful... (it has caused my lymph nodes to swell and I have a sore throat; but I won't be going to the dentist)

I've always been self conscious about my teeth. I have a lot of spaces and I'm missing a couple of teeth (you can't really tell) and apparently I'm going to be losing one sometime soon. I would hate to have that tooth just fall out right in the middle of a conversation with someone. I grew up with my siblings getting work done; braces, retainers, binator. Have you ever seen a binator? Actually have you ever heard someone talk with a binator in their mouth? Pretty much impossible.
So my siblings had all these things done to their mouths and I never had anything done. Sad for me, right? (not really)

I also got made fun of (good natured fun) because my mouth kind of resembles a horse when I laugh or smile real big; I've got a lot of gums. I can't hear a horse neigh without being taken back to my youth. I had healthy, strong teeth and not to toot my own horn but I have only ever had one cavity and that's in my baby tooth which has yet to fall out.

As I was thinking about my pained tooth eariler today, I realized something. Or rather I had an epiphany (cause that's so much more important sounding) I like my teeth. I have come to accept and embrace my mouth with my big gums, spaced teeth, crooked-ness and horse-like qualities. I would be sad to not have them anymore.

I certainly won't be wearing lipstick anytime soon (maybe one day) but I also no longer cover my mouth when I laugh or smile big. I'm not sure when it happened; just a couple years ago I was talking about getting Invisiline braces. But my Dad always embraced his teeth and the big space smack dab in the middle and I guess I learned from his example.

So what have you embraced about yourself?  Am I the only one who has had to accept something so small and petty about themselves? Cause really in the grand scheme of things, how important are my teeth anyway? Not very.

Of course I would be sad if I had to go without my beloved Nachos or any other equally delicious food....


Jenée's Blog said...

I have learned to accept my nasty, fungus toe nails. They don't hurt, they are just UGLY!!!! Even my kids are scared of them... they think my feet are "dying". Sure, I could have them surgically repaired (with hardly any cost), but the older I get, I have come to stop caring about them as much. As long as I have my lovely Crocs that give me covered style (not to mention, comfort) in the Summertime... I guess I don't care anymore.

In regards to your post, it was interesting to read these thoughts and feelings from you because the appearance of your mouth or teeth NEVER crossed my mind... at least in a negative sense.
SMILE AWAY, woman!!

Candice and Quinn said...

First of all sarah, I just LOVE you. SECOND, we all could learn from you! Your so wise! I too look to dad as an example! (He's great huh) I used to absolutely hate being short. HATE. But it is who I am and I can now embrace it. Thanks for this post I needed to hear it! Love you my beautiful sister.

Jill said...

I depise my surgery or hiding those things! I have to really pose my pictures just right and stand just right or my knees just take over the picture. I noticed I have passed that less than great trait onto my daughter...poor Aly:( I too have learned to embrace it...and I have learned how to stand to make it less noticable. Better I have knees than no knees:)

I have NEVER EVER EVER thought of you with a horse fact, I always thought you have a fabulous contaigiuos smile.

Chris and Jenna said...

Love this post! Glad you've decided to embrace your perceived 'flaw' which I totally don't agree with by the way. Isn't it funny how what we think of as flaws no one else even notices?! But since we're talking about it I will have to say I absolutely hate my nose. I've wished for a deviated septum at times just so I could get a nose job! How vain is that? Maybe when I'm a little wiser like you I will embrace my nose, but for now I'll just continue attempting to camoflauge it with a few make up tips! :)