Friday, April 22, 2011

I am so going to hear it when he gets home.

and by "he" I mean 
I promised him that when we moved into this house, I would leave all pictures up on the wall where I originally put them, I wouldn't change them or anything.
Well, I changed them. All of the pictures hanging up in the hallway are now sitting on my bed and I put some different things up.
A girl has got to change things up once in a while to keep it fresh, right?
On a side note, he won't get too crazy mad at me cause he's been gone since Sunday. He got home late last night so we've only seen each other for a total of 2 hours in 6 days.
And that's including the 3 different times I went in to visit him at work today.
And he missed me.
So I really think he'll be able to overlook the million extra nail holes in our walls that he'll have to patch in a few months.
But still I may just get the eye (and not the good eye)....

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Jill said...

Welcome home, Trevor! And yes, Sarah...a girls gotta keep things fresh!