Friday, April 8, 2011


iTunes is really great. I bet it's even better if  you have an "i" thing.. which I don't but my family still got me a gift card to iTunes for my birthday. They're so sweet. Seriously, it was a very thoughtful gift knowing how much I love music. It has been said before, here on this very blog, that I do not possess sophisticated taste in music.
Let me prove to you my eclectic taste in music by typing out the songs I bought with my 25.00.

"Eternal Flame" the Bangles (it's been my favorite song since childhood; how could  I not buy it?)
"Holy Water" Big and Rich
"It's All Coming Back To Me Now" Celine Dion (7 minutes and 37 seconds of glorious  music)
"Fallin` For Your", "Bubbly", "Magic", all Colbie Caillat
"Big Girls Don't Cry" Fergie (I think it's important to note here that it was  between this song and "Killing Me Softly" sung by the Fugees. But Stephen wanted  Fergie so that's who we went with)
"Goodbye My Lover" James Blunt (only because it reminds us of The Office; and cause  I like it)
"Don't You Wanna Stay" Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson
"Big Green Tractor" Jason Aldean
"Never Again" Kelly Clarkson
"Beautiful Day" Lee DeWyze
"Bleeding Love" Leona Lewis (I have been made fun of before for loving this song)
"Cry" Mandy Moore
"Without You" Mariah Carey
"Modern Nature" Sondre Lerche
"Hallelujah" Rufus Wainwright
"Bad", "Man In the Mirror", "Beat It", "Thriller" Michael Jackson

Maybe to you this is a very pointless post but at least now you know that 25 dollars can buy you a lot of songs of many different genres.
Like at least 18....
And iTunes is very addicting.
I think Trevor may rue the day he ever bought me that gift card...


Chelsey and Adam said...

That must mean I don't posses sophisticated taste in music because I love all those songs! bleeding love, eternal flame, Hallelujah, and Colbie Caillat songs, I love those songs so much! I have all those songs on my computer at work and could listen to them over and over again!! Have you seen the dance by Chelsie and Mark to Bleeding Love on So You Think You can Dance? It is beautiful!

Chris and Jenna said...

Hallelujah is one of the greatest songs ever! You have great taste in music!