Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring cleaning and other stuff

That's what I did today. I cleaned out closets and the kitchen and organized a bit and got rid of some stuff. These kind of days always make me feel so good. Especially since last night we went to our storage shed and got out some stuff. Like all of our food storage and summer stuff and my ORANGE COUCH!!!

Oh yeah...!

I love that couch. It just makes me happy.

To you, it may look like an ugly, old lady couch.

But it has a lot of memories connected to it and I love it....


Tonight was Jenee's play and she did awesome! We were so happy to be able to be there to see it. Seriously Jenee, you did great! 


Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get my kids to start talking without an attitude? Is that asking too much? I'm at a loss as to what to do and am starting to wonder if it's just normal and that theres nothing I can do about it.... 


I did not exercise today. But I did eat a Cadbury egg and some chocolate eggs and some jelly beans. And I managed to squeeze in leftovers for breakfast, some ham for lunch and a salad for dinner. And you don't want to know how much Diet Dr. Pepper I drank. And now that it's bedtime I think I'll drink some water and take my Metamucil. 

Hmmm.... Metamucil? Maybe that is an old lady couch. 


Jill said...

Attitude? I don't believe any of your kids have attitude:) When mine do...I calmly (mostly calmly)ask them to repeat what they said in a respectful tone...If they can't-they get a mouth full of soap:) sometimes I think they don't even recognize they are giving you attitude

Candice and Quinn said...

oh sarah I LOVE that orange couch. I too have many happy memories with it. Maybe because when I see it, I see you? So dont ever get rid of it. If you start thinking about doing so, send it our way. I will give it a good home. Love you Sis

Jenée's Blog said...

It made me feel special to have you (and the family) come to my play. Thank you for your supportive words and encouragement throughout this whole experience. :o)