Friday, April 29, 2011

Texts from Candice

Candice: I just found a rather large fish bone in my tuna. Isn't that gross? I am grossed out for some reason.

Sarah: That's disgusting... I got one better. I found the butchers glove in my bacon last night.

Candice: What??? Ewwwww! You totally forever win! That is so so SOOO gross!

Sarah: I know, right? do i get a prize for the most disgusting story?

Candice: ABBsolutely!! seriously that's bothersome. I may never eat bacon again now. Jk but thats pretty dang bad. Are you scared for life?

Sarah: No, i still cooked the bacon and ate it. :) We seriously did. hopefully no one gets a life threatening disease. that'd be a terrible prize.

Candice: Haha that's funny I hope not though! That would be horrible! Watch for signs though:)

The end.

I did a special reading of this to my family at the dinner table tonight, Candice. I thought you might like that. really, really wish you were here....and that we were splitting a Chronic Taco.

oh and by the way, I totally cried while watching The Office tonight. How about you? Did you see Ricky Gervais at the end? I place my bets on him replacing Steve Carell. We can only hope, right?


Chris and Jenna said...

I thought they did a great job wrapping up The Office last night. It was still funny but still sentimental. I'm going to miss me some Michael Scott for sure. Chris thought the same thing about Ricky Gervais. Can't wait to find out!

Chelsey and Adam said...

Oh Office, how I love thee! I agree they did a great job wrapping it up, and I too Sarah had tears swelling in my eyes. I will miss Steve, but I do hope it is Ricky Gervais!

Candice and Quinn said...

Haha sarah your so funny;) I really really wish I Was there as well. I miss our Fridays more then you know or my simple minded brain could express. LOVE you all! PS. I bawled like a baby during office like I was saying bye to a family member.

Jenée's Blog said...

Okay, so I may not have watched The Office, but I understand what you mean about crying over a television show. {I was wiping tears during the last episode of Season Two's Top Shot.}

Brent said...

What channel are those shows even on?