Monday, April 18, 2011


We had a great, great weekend. 
Trevor and I tried to go out both on Friday and Saturday
but each time it got interrupted. 
On Friday Emily hurt her ankle and threw up so we canceled our babysitter and 
ordered Cafe Rio (close enough to nachos, right?) and watched a movie.
Saturday our babysitter had something come up so we ended up sneaking
 away for an hour to eat dinner alone.
Well almost alone. 
We saw some friends at the restaurant and sat with them for a bit while they finished their drinks. 
Plus, Jenee and I went for a run which was awesome. I love running with others even if all we do is run side by side listening to our own music. Although at one point, I did accidentally spit my gum out at her so she may never want to go with me again... sorry about that again, Jenee!
And they had us over for dinner last night. Whats better than yummy food and  good company? 
Absolutely nothing.  
Only down side to the weekend was Primary yesterday (you'll like this Jeni):
We had a little boy throw up during singing time (it was his first Sunday, I felt so bad for him). And another little boy get seriously injured in nursery.
Not our finest Sunday. 
But theres always next week.

Yesterday me and the kids were relaxing on the couch, with Josh sitting on my lap and he looks at me and says "I love this stuff." and then tried to bite/eat my face.
So cute, right?

I also realized yesterday that I can no longer make cookies while living in this house. We got the oven fixed a month ago and cookies were turning out perfectly but not anymore. It's so darn frustrating so I told Trevor that it will be only store bought cookies from now on; at least until we move...

One last thing.... I am going to start recording when I exercise here on my blog just as a side note at the end of my posts. I figure that if I'm accountable to my blog it'll help get me off my lazy behind. The weather is suppose to be warming up sometime soon so then it'll be easier to get out and I won't have to keep track anymore. But until then I'll just write it here. That okay with you all? Good.

Have a nice day!

1 hr. yoga


Chris and Jenna said...

Just wondering what yoga you do? Do you use a DVD? I have a Yoga for the Warrior with Bob Harper which I absolutely LOVE, but I'd like to find another good one since I get bored easily! :)

Stacie Lynn said...

I just gotta say, that little boy did NOT sleep all over my house while he was here. He was full of energy and so much fun. And you my dear, were sooooo missed Sarah!!!

Chelsey and Adam said...

Sarah, I'm amazed that you can be reading three books at hurts my head too much. I love that your making yourself be accountable for your work outs. It is so much easier when your accountable for it. Every since high school ended for me and I no longer had to work out for basketball and other sports, it became 100 times more difficult to work out!

Jenée's Blog said...

If you ever want to make cookies, just come on over. ;o) -We'll double the batch to share.
I sure had a fun weekend with you. My foot doesn't hurt as bad today, and so maybe I can endure some time on the elliptical this afternoon.