Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh! Hello blog....

There are lots of things I should be doing with this 45 minutes of alone time I have right now.
*cleaning up my house
*figuring out what the heck that weird smell is that's coming from my yellow couch.

Instead I'm blogging. Cause I haven't in a really long time. Almost 3 days...I have numerous excuses but they don't look good written down. Let's just pretend I've been busy, shall we?

Although there have been a few things going on here. Like for instance, Emily started guitar lessons.

Plus we got back from a weekend trip (you knew that). But I never shared the way the boys like to sleep while in the car:
It's kind of similar to how they sleep here at home:
(although they don't generally sleep "sideways")
and like this:
and just one more of them sleeping sideways:
They like to cuddle. And sometimes, they go to bed in the clothes they were wearing during the day. Not often though, I promise. 
So really, not too much going on here. We have some sunburns, some new freckles, and are definitely ready for school to be out for the summer. We've worn skirts and flip flops and shorts and it's been better than I remembered warm weather was actually like. Oh and we went for a drive today with the windows down and the smell of cows and horses in our noses.
It was pure heaven....


Candice and Quinn said...

Sweet boys Sarah. Miss em.

Jill said...

Love the sleeping boys pictures! Awesome for Emily to take guitar lessons...we might have an entire band at the next reunion!

Brent said...

Cows, Horses and new mown alfalfa makes me wish I were a kid again.