Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The BEST fireworks ever!

And they were at the Chukars opening night game.
 I don't even feel a need to watch the 4th of July's anymore 
cause these were so good....
I'm serious when I say they were the best one's I've ever seen!
 This is what we did during the game:
Trevor and I watched the game (and enjoyed it).
Josh looked at everyone around him.
Stephen held onto his mitt and the hope that he would catch a foul ball.
Emily was embarrassed by me the whole time. 
And Annabelle wiggled around on her chair.
It reminded me of the times my parents took us to watch the Padres. 
Those were always the best FHE...

The Chukars didn't have their best night. 
Final score: Chukars 0; Ogden 20
It was bad; really, really bad.

But we had such a good time...


Chelsey and Adam said...

OGDEN rules, Chuckars drool! Just kidding, never even watched the Ogden team. However I love going to baseball games like this. They are a blast!

Jill said...

We love baseball games too! Are the Chuckars a college team? It's not about the score...it's about the memories of the game from the bleachers! Looks like you all had a great time.

Linds and Thad said...

How fun! We're going on Friday cause Thad got free tickets from work. And we're gettin a sitter!

Candice and Quinn said...

I love fireworks!!! Luckies!! I'm glad you guys had fun!

Madsens said...

Good memories of those padre games. Looks like a lot of fun!