Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Mr. Sunshine,

This last week was beautiful. You showed your bright and shiny face and I was in love. Seriously in love with you. Here in the Haslem household you have kissed us with new freckles and given us some burns. We've taken walks and gone on bike rides and colored on the sidewalks and visited the park. Please, please be here to stay. Don't let those wicked clouds move in and take your lovely place. And if you don't mind, tell Mr. Wind that he can take a break. We can only handle his company for so long.

Yours lovingly,

P.S Here's a little reminder of how MUCH we love you!


Madsens said...

I'm not loving our sun lately. 105° weather and its not even july! I'm ready for the rain clouds to roll in!

Chris and Jenna said...

Sounds like your climate is very similar to ours. Chris wore a sweater to church today...A JUNE! It's just ridiculous if you ask me. If Mr. Sunshine comes your way, save a little for us!

Jenée's Blog said...

I am with you on the wind, Sarah... IT IS AWFUL!!! I actually got so annoyed the other day, that I told Scott I was willing to move somewhere else if he wanted to. LoL
-I can't decide what's worse Georgia's wet heat or Idaho's 'slap in the face' wind.?

Have you seen the forecast for this week??? High 70's and Sunny... Nice. ;o)