Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hiking and chasing a watermelon.

Thats what we did today. The hiking was fantastic. We didn't use a trail but went up an animal path. 
There were all kinds of different poops on the way, 
as our children screamed every time they stepped in some...
When we got to a shaded clearing, I let my fears overwhelm me and decided to turn back. 
I wasn't sure what was going to jump out at us, a bear or a mountain lion ( I know both are ridiculous)
But we got a great hike in and I didn't have to carry Josh.
It's really nice to have children that can all take care of themselves sometimes.
(don't get me wrong though, I'll always miss the baby stage)
Before hiking, we had a picnic down by the Snake River. 
Yummy BLT's and pretzels and strawberries. 
Trevor thought it would be a great idea to put the watermelon in the swift moving river. 
He got out some rope and seriously impressed me with the knots he tied around the watermelon. 
It looked very secure so we took it down and carefully put it in the water and tried it to a tree. 
Although just as he was tying it, the watermelon broke free of Trevor's awesome knots and got quickly carried away. Just as we were lamenting the loss of our precious watermelon, 
Trevor takes off running down stream. 
We all follow him, realizing he expects to pull our melon out of the river. 
I'm laughing at this point because I think there is no possible way to retrieve it other than running into the freezing cold, deep river. 
We make it past the point where the watermelon is and watch it make it's way to us. 
Much to everyones surprise (including Trevor's) it floats right to where Trevor is bending over to catch it.
He pulled it out and we all were laughing and clapping!
We were so excited and proud of our man/daddy! 
He is seriously amazing. 
I mean, who can't love a man who saves the day by saving the watermelon? 

These aren't very good photos since they were taken with Trevors phone. I grabbed my camera before we left but forgot to get the memory card! I'm the worst with a camera...
It was such an awesome day! 
Our very first hike of summer. In just a couple of weeks, we have a backpacking trip planned for our family. I think as long as there isn't too much poop along the way, our kids will love it!

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Jill said...

Looks so fun! This may be a strange questions but...why is a watermelon better if it's in the water first? keeps it cold?