Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have been "that" mom this week or maybe just today...

You know that mom who lets her kids sit in front of the television most of the day?
And the kind that lets their kids eat on the floor in front of said tv?
You know,  the really cool mom?
Yeah, that's me.

We've been walking everywhere this week. 
Today was the first time we got in the car today (other than with Trevor in the p.m.)
when we had to take Emily to guitar lessons. 
So I decided it wouldn't hurt anyone if they were allowed to "chill out" for a bit.

I may or may not look like I'm from the South. 
Like south-of-the-border-kind-of-south. 
Although Trevor disagrees. 
He says I look like a racoon. 

Have I mentioned lately how MUCH I love summer?


Candice and Quinn said...

Hey,I too love summer!! Such a cute picture of you guys

Chris and Jenna said...

Somedays you just need TV days! Especially after you've been spending so much time in the warm sun...It's draining!