Wednesday, June 29, 2011

it's only Wednesday?!?

This week is going by so slow
I really can't believe it's only Wednesday. 
We're calling it a night. I'm not going to do the dishes or anything. 
And if I have ants in the morning, then so be it. 
I'm tired.


Chris and Jenna said...

Good for you Sarah! Nothing wrong with a sink full of dishes for a night! BTW where do ants come from anyway?? I swear they just magically appear at my house if I don't sweep my floor for a day!

Linds and Thad said...

Whoa, I have thought that very same thing all week! It's going so slow! Thad and I leave the dishes in the sink and "call it a night" far too often. It frees up the evening but makes for a nice, welcoming, 1-hr job for me in the morning. But we still continue to do it:)

Candice and Quinn said...

See you tomorrow!!!!!