Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Right now.


My sunburn hurts (in a good way)

I am listening to "Bleeding Love"

I am waiting for Trevor cause we have a very important appointment tonight. 

I am drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper.

Conan is on interviewing Larry the Cable Guy so the tv is on mute. 

Now I'm listening to "Bubbly" 

My children are going to sleep, yelling lots of "I love you's" down the hall.

I just got a text from Jill. 

I am thinking about my snack this afternoon which I also had about 15 minutes ago with Trevor while watching Conan. 

Now I'm listening to "Beautiful Like You".

Remembering the smoothies we made for dinner with our awesome Vit-A-Mix and thinking we'll have them for breakfast also. 

Right now I am not tired at all. 

But I'm happy and satisfied and content. 

(my snack)
And now I'm listening to "I'm Yours".
I'm ending this post on a very good song.

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