Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Soul Surfer

Sometimes I don't think things through very well or...much.
Like the fact that yesterday I forced Anna to allow me to remover her wart. 
I didn't think about how it could affect her (or me).
It was a little traumatizing.
Kind of like that I time I put Tabasco sauce
on her tongue and she thought she was going to die. 
That was bad. 
I also didn't think about how the movie "Soul Surfer" could be
 a little too mature for my younger audience. 
It was a great movie though. 
And we all got through it okay. 
In fact the reason we went to the movie was because we have a book about sharks 
and it talks about Bethany Hamilton in it and we were all very interested in her. 
And now that book is the hot commodity in our house. 
There's lots and lots of bickering over who gets to read it.
That girl is really, really amazing. 
And I would highly recommend taking your older kids to it.
Or at least preparing your younger kids better than I did before watching it!
It's a faith based movie, a lot like Fireproof (which we really, really liked).
I think those are becoming some of my favorite movies....
(warning~ a lot of bikini clad girls...if that kind of thing bothers you, be prepared!)

My kids how they are most mornings...reading and eating breakfast.

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Jill said...

Brooke and Aly LOVED that movie! Actually they play 'soul surfer' in the pool! I love inspirational movies...fireproof was a good one too. Looks like a cozy morning...