Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Last weekend:

It was Annabelles birthday on Sunday so 
we had our family over for chili dogs and cake. 
We were so glad to have lots of extra family around!
Jenna and her family, Candice and her family and 
Grandma Haslem all were in town visiting for the weekend!
(thanks for the pics Jenna!)
The kids had so much fun playing with all their cousins.
Monday night, after a relaxing day, we went and 
watched Idaho Falls awesome fireworks. 
They were definitely as good as everyone said they would be...
We got there early but the time went by so fast. 
We ran some races, rolled down hills, ate lots of good food 
and enjoyed each others company.

We had so much fun this past weekend! 
We saw some movies and played Rock Band  at Scott and Jenees.
I was shocked to see Anna and Stephen get up and sing. 
And they did sooo good!

And now we had two more FUN weekends ahead of us this month!

Plus, a move to Rexburg, maybe, probably.
It's never for sure until the papers are signed.... 


Amy said...

Hope you had a happy birthday Anna Banana! We love you!! Can't wait to hear about the house. And can't wait to come and see it in August maybe!

Linds and Thad said...

Yay!! Congrats! I just heard today from my source inside the Ammon 6th ward that you guys might be moving -- so I had to look at your blog and see for myself! I am very excited for you guys.

Sweet E. Pie July said...


Madsens said...

Really cute house! Is this the one you are closing on this weekend? Good luck! Hope it all goes smoothly.