Friday, July 8, 2011

A night of lists...

We took a "mini" date tonight. While out and about, driving through town, we sat in relative silence. It was comfortable and relaxing; especially compared to what we're use to. But as we sat there, I was reminded of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Ray and Debra go out to dinner and have nothing to say to each other so they talk about the butter. I started to think about what Trevor and I have in common and was hoping it was more than just butter (although we both really like that stuff). So I asked him. And we came up with a lot of stuff. And it reminded me that we have things in common that I don't think about.

Here's just some of what made our list:
*country music
*kissing (edited for children's eyes)
*thrift shopping/garage sales
*Chili's chips and salsa (which we had just gotten)
*watching movies
*soda (although not the same kind)
(then we got a little carried away with the food thing and had to rule all food items out)
I know that this list is probably very similar to a lot of couples lists but it's original to us.

We then came home to a peaceful house. Hold the phone... did I just say "peaceful"? Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. And I wasn't lying.
We came home to the kids watching Ramona and Beezus and a homemade dessert made just for us. And after all that goodness, Anna presented us with a gift; a glass jar, with a drawing taped around it, filled with papers of why we are the best parents.

Apparently, we are:
*great cook
*great bread stick maker
*money maker
*hard worker

I'm a list maker. Most days, I have a list sitting out somewhere with everything I have to do that day. Usually my lists include dishes, laundry, sweep, go to store...; BUT I think I should start making lists that remind me of more important things.
Like a list of why I love my kids:
(they are:)
*they don't make fun of me when I do stupid stuff
*they know how to have a fun time
*and cause they have really cute faces.

The end.


Brent said...

That is a great set of lists.

Joyleen said...

I love you guys!

East Coast Girl said...

I love this!!...It's nice to think about the positive in life and be happy for what we have:)

I will have to make myself a list to reflect on as well!

Have a beautiful Monday!
You have a new follower...looking fwd to reading your blog

Cheers from the East Coast