Monday, September 12, 2011

At the risk of embarrassing Trevor

which is actually really fun to do cause he's so cute when he's bashful....I'm going to let you all read a poem he wrote for me tonight.

An Ode To Sarah's Hotness

Sarah is so hot.
I love her a lot.
She also is so cool. 
If you don't think so you're a fool,
And she's good at making chicken pot...

Wow, right? Did it give you goosebumps like it did me? I think if the paint thing doesn't work out, he could make a living writing Hallmark cards but the 50 cent ones.

By the way...he did this for fun but I read some of my love letters he's given to me the past 12 years and he really can do it so much better...One thing is for certain though, he always knows how to bring a smile to my face.

And I agree I make a really good chicken pot pie, which is exactly what we had for dinner tonight. Followed by a really good apple pie. 

We really like pie here. 

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