Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a funny story

What makes this so funny is that I was showing off my strength (shameful, but true).

We went and bought a riding lawn mower from someone off of Craigslist tonight and traded him our push mower. I lifted our lawn mower down out of the truck and was feeling pretty good cause it's really heavy. It came time to put the riding mower in the truck. The two men were just "this short" of being strong enough to lift it in so I decided it was my duty to help.

We lifted it up, with me lifting in the back, behind both of the men. As we got it in the back and they were pushing it into the bed of the truck, the 2x4's that were helping to steady it, lifted up into my skirt and as they came back down, they brought my skirt down with them.

I was scrambling around trying to get my skirt back up, failing for a couple of seconds because it was caught. But after what seemed forever but really only lasted a few seconds, I pulled my skirt back up and decided to stop helping them. Luckily, neither of them were turned at that moment of terror and so I was saved complete humiliation.

Although after Trevor and I got back in the truck and I finally finished my hysterical laughter that I had been holding in, he informed me that he would have loved to see it. I'm not sure why~ if it's so he could laugh at me or if it's because he likes to see that~ either way, I can't blame him.

One more funny story and it involves Craigslist again (i love that site). I found this rug that I wanted and they were only asking 25 dollars OBO. "Wow," I thought, "What a steal". I quickly texted the poster and said I would be willing to offer 20 dollars. He texted back "Fine".... or something like that.

I brought it home and I love it.

Trevor found the sticker (it was brand new) and saw that the rug was purchased from Ikea. So I checked their website to see what a great deal I got.

I got jipped.

The rug retails for 19.99.

I think they saw me coming from a mile away.

But it's cute, right?



Candice and Quinn said...

Supercute! And for sure worth the twenty bucks, so rest assured! Also super funny bedtime story for me! I just had me areal good laugh!

The McOmie's said...

Here's what I think about the rug, first of all, it's ADORABLE, second there are no Ikeas around here, so you would either have to spend gas money to get there or a bunch of money to have it shipped-either way it would've cost more than 20 bucks...so you really saved some money! Go you! And I am amazed that you shared your embarassing story...you are so very brave! I admire your ability to laugh at yourself.

Chris and Jenna said...

I must have that rug! So cute!

Linds and Thad said...

Ha! I've done that before. Funny skirt story. Unfortunately, stuff like that happens to me way too often ...