Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ha~ it's only 8:00

I am really on top of things today...

As promised, here are updated house pictures. The only thing new thing is the paint color and I put up a few things on the wall. But if you know me at all, you know that things around here are constantly changing...But I love the paint color more than I thought I would.

The front room where the kids are cold cause we left windows open last night and where they're watching "Christmas with the Kranks" (I know, it's a funny choice of movie):
Here is another view of the front room:
And here's the hallway (I should probably either vacuum or put it away):
Here is the hallway to the backyard with my books...It's been awhile since I had my books out and I love it (btw Mom...remember those gardening books you lent me that I swore I didn't have cause I gave them back to you? I was wrong. I found them and I'm so sorry for arguing with you. They are patiently waiting up on the top shelf until I can give them back to you.):
The DEN (I capitalized that because it's a very fun room). I plan on one day putting in book shelves that line the whole back wall, having an art table, a t.v and some couches in here. I want to make it a place to relax. For now, it's a great spot for toys, a balance beam, a treadmill, an air hockey table and a whole lotta other stuff:
And now I present to you our laundry room. It needs a lot of work. One day it'll be a bathroom. But before it gets to that, I'm going to paint it and maybe even put some curtains up. But lets not talk about curtains cause every window in this house needs curtains before winter and I'm starting to get antsy for them. Remember that dryer Mom? It's going on how many years now? 18? It works perfectly still:
Here is our lone bathroom. The only time having one bathroom gets annoying is when two kids have to go poop at once cause I obviously can't send them outside to do that. So then I have to deal with a hopping kid who is frantically worried that he/she might have an accident. That's just really annoying. But I'm happy to say, so far, so good. No accidents as of yet. Do you like the towel that is pretending to be a curtain? Like I said....:
The kitchen/dining room. See our little wolf on the table? We've named him Pete and I put a pretty green ribbon to hide his deformed tail. I may start letting the kids decorate him. Plus, I'm going to be repainting the table. I'm not sure what color but if you have any suggestions, let me know:
I have been playing the piano, Mom. I know that'll make you happy. I love it. I can play some hymns and one day I might feel comfortable enough to play in church. I love playing because it brings a really sweet spirit into our home. Right now I'm learning Abide With Me, I Need Thee Every Hour, Come Follow Me and For The Beauty Of The Earth. Pay no attention to the handles, we will be fixing those today (hopefully):
And here are some pictures of the outside.

The view from the front of the house and the potato farm and the BYU-I agricultural center. All the way to the left of the picture are some trees and those trees are hiding the mountain where we hike. It's not really a mountain, it's a volcano that erupted sometime in the last million years and left behind some really pretty basaltic rock. Anyway, we love hiking there:
And here is the view from the back of the house and the horse arena. They just got a beautiful white horse that we stare at quite frequently:
We've started to make plans where our garage, garden, chicken coop, horse(s) and maybe a cow will go.

Next spring we're going to start fencing and getting it all ready for the next 60 years.

I love it here.

This is more home than any other place I've ever lived and you know how much I love home!

The kids love to be outside (hallelujah). It took us awhile to get to loving it but they have great friends around and lots to do.

Stephen likes to catch grasshoppers and dragon fly's with his friends and make rockets and use their slingshots.

The girls go to the neighbors and jump on their trampoline and generally have a good time.

The grass needs to be mowed again but that's okay because the longer it is, the softer it is on our bare feet.

We wish you were here and hopefully we'll get to see you soon!

I love you!

And would it surprise you to know that I enjoyed a piece of apple crisp and a Diet Dr. Pepper while writing this out? I love breakfast...

(Candice...we'll see you in a few weeks! We CANNOT wait!!!!!!)


Candice and Quinn said...

Looooooovvvveee your new home!! We absolutley cannot wait to come and see it and see you all!! Love yas!

Madsens said...

Love That HUGE window in the living room! What a great house & Yard! Can't wait to see it someday!!!