Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Friday I mentioned that this week the kids would be making our dinners each night. Not to jinx it or anything but, so far, so good.
Annabelle made soup bowls with bean soup last night. As she was kneading the dough, I made Emily take a picture~ her little fingers looked so pretty!
And tonight Joshua made the best meatballs ever. He was so proud of himself although I think they were too spicy for his liking...He set the table, got everyone their food and was just plain adorable.
I am loving this idea of the kids doing dinner...
Tonight while we were eating our delicious ice cream sandwiches that Emily made for us, I choked. Like really, really choked.
Trevor laughed so hard....he swears I looked just like this:

He said in the 14 years that he has known me, he has never seen me make that face until tonight.
I'm so glad I can make him laugh.
I wasn't choking like I was going to die...he just wanted that point made. I just inhaled cookie into my lungs.
But it was a riot.


Candice and Quinn said...

Haha I can only imagine!! I'm glad you weren't seriously choking!!

Brent said...

How cruel is my son? Great idea about the kids cooking.