Sunday, September 4, 2011

A list of what makes me happy

and not just things that give me pleasure but things that make me really happy.

1. Hiking. Being outdoors and experiencing nature. Climbing to the top of a steep incline and looking down and feeling so small but so great.
2. Driving the last of the way home; the last 5 miles.
3. Sitting down and talking to Trevor. 
4.Sitting next to Trevor and not talking.
5. Reading a (really) good book. 
6. Magazines arriving in the mail. 
7. Music.
8. My children.
9. Picking vegetables from my garden (not this year but the last two years).
10. Horseback riding. 


Brent said...

great list

Chris and Jenna said...

Getting magazines in the mail is one of my favorite things too! As soon as they come I sit down and read them cover to cover.

Jill said...

Great list! I love horseback riding, too! Steve's dad is in the process of 'breaking' a horse for us to ride...we are super excited!