Saturday, September 24, 2011

One of our favorite places...

Palisades, Idaho. 
We took the kids on an 8 mile hike today. 
I know....a little crazy.
But we all did it and enjoyed it!
We're all sore but there isn't/wasn't any complaining. 
We had such a great time!
And the girls took lots and lots of pictures.
And on the way back, we decided to take some of ourselves, finally:
And one of me:
And one of Trevor:
And since the kids did such a good job we stopped and got some square ice cream on the way home. 
Although I didn't get any pictures of that. 
Stephen got black licorice flavor which isn't surprising since last time he got play dough flavor.

Everything was beautiful. 
Absolutely gorgeous. 
Breathtaking, really. 
Heaven, almost. 
There aren't enough adjectives to describe it. 
But I will say this, I want to do it again...
Even if it did take us 6 hours. 

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Brent said...

Beautiful country. Very impressive to get kids tat young to hike 8 miles. I probably could have made it in 6 days.