Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some noteworthy photos

Since Josh can now ride his bike without training wheels (thanks in part to Uncle Scott!)
we treated ourselves to a chocolate dipped cone and french fries. 
And ate both at the same time.
While I was outside trimming our way overgrown trees this afternoon, 
I stumbled upon this beautiful nest. 
I realized soon after finding it that the piece of dirt, or maybe the old dog poop,
 that I was avoiding with my feet, wasn't dirt or poop at all 
but was in fact, a decomposing baby bird. 
It made me sad and the nest....not so wonderful.

This is what happens when Trevor comes home from work. 
I follow him into our bedroom where we "chill out" for a few minutes
and I completely disregard whatever it was I was doing before. 
In this case, it happened to be baking cookies. 
Not to worry, this was the last batch. 
Thank goodness. 

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