Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I fly by the seat of my pants people.

When I sit down to blog, I generally have no idea what I'm going to write about. So......

WARNING: If you are looking for a sequence of events or maybe some semblance of order in this post,

you won't find it. It's a little odd and a little haphazard.

Let's proceed:

My sweet Emily has been sick for the last 2 days. 

So far, she's watched Nancy Drew twice and Santa Claus 2 once.

She's also done her math and read a little. 

She's had a sprite and a Gatorade and lots of chicken noodle soup and saltines. 

That's what my mom gave me when I was a sick little girl. 

( By the way....thanks for taking such good care of me mom!)

I hope I'm doing the same for my own girlie.....

Josh found a pair of his newborn pajamas in his drawer today. 

So he thought he'd try them on and see if they still fit. 

He thinks they fit just fine and plans on wearing them when he plays baseball. 

Here he is reenacting his newborn picture: 

After his sweet modeling, he grabbed the camera and took some pictures of nothing important. 

Except this one which completely encompasses our front room on any given afternoon.
Dirty socks, pillows any where but on the couches, coloring pages laying out...

The only thing that's not right? 

The t.v. isn't playing a Christmas movie.

(our favorite kind of movie to watch)

Tim Allen did to Santa what peanut butter did to bread. 

Enough said.


And to end this awesome post, I'd like you all to know that I just watched a movie that was the most  

awkward love story I have ever seen. 
There were a few times I actually cringed from feeling so embarrassed for the couple. 

However, Trevor stayed awake for probably a total of 70 minutes. 

That's really good since it was a 100 minute long movie. 

I think that means he may have liked it. 

But probably not. 


Jenée's Blog said...

Your mentioning of Sprite, crackers... is the same thing my mother did too. I call it 'Nausea Food'.

Chris and Jenna said...

Look how cute Miss Emily is even when she's sick! And Joshua never ceases to crack me up...what a funny little boy you have!

Candice and Quinn said...

Love everything about this post. Love.

Brent said...

I like Christmas movies too. In fact the last time I was in a theater was to see Tim Allen in The Santa Claus; when it first came out.