Friday, October 21, 2011

The last couple of weeks.

In the Haslem household, we've been slightly off-kilter.

Things are normal but not normal. 

"Uhhh...what? That doesn't make sense, Sarah."

What I mean is that we do the same things but our attitude just isn't as good as it usually is. 

I have the opinion that we make our own choice for how we feel and what kind of attitude we have

and so as of right now I am demanding that we stop, enjoy life and have a little more chocolate milk. 

And that's just what Stephen decided to do for breakfast this morning. 

And do you know what one week from tomorrow is?

Yes, it's our twelve year anniversary. 

And as you can tell, we are super excited....

Last year I was super depressed.

We had just made another move and I hadn't quite adjusted yet. 

I think it took until about 3 months ago for me to fully adjust. 

But I am not going to be depressed this year. 

It's been twelve amazing years. 

And that is something incredible to celebrate. 


Nacho Movie Night tonight

Zookeeper and some yummy nachos; what could be better? 


Brent said...

You pegged it about attitude.

Chris and Jenna said...

How was Zookeeper? I love Kevin James movies but not a huge fan of talking animal movies...but it looked like one my kids would probably like!

Chelsey and Adam said...

I totally agree with you on the we choose our own attitude thing! I preach that to my young women all the time and will be preaching that to my kids as well!