Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last day of spud harvest break.....

The kids actually got out of school for 10 days because of the spud harvest! Although it snowed and was

cold a lot of the time. Still, we had fun. They played with their friends, baked and cooked and watched a lot

of movies....

Yesterday since it was their last day, we decided to go to Porter Park where they could ride their bikes

around while I ran. It was going great until.....

We had two different crashes. Joshy was fine after just a minute but Emily crashed pretty hard and got really

scrapped up.

But I'm happy to say that both are fine now. We even came home and invited friends over for cake and had

a stupendous time!

And to officially welcome Fall and being back to school, we have a cold, wet, windy day ahead of us.

And it doesn't even make me sad. Shocking, right?

Either I'm getting used to the weather or my treadmill is doing just what we hoped for; banishing the blues!


Jill said...

10 days for spud harvest? That's a super long break! love those days off!

Chris and Jenna said...

Wow...do your kids still get a spring break after 10 days off for spud harvest?! Glad to hear you had a great 'vacation'!