Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I know it's been a good day when I can sit down at the computer, think about my day and feel satisfied. My day wasn't perfect, it wasn't even great but I feel good about it.

Sometimes just trying my hardest is good enough.

I didn't do my hair.

I didn't do my make-up.

I had a stomach ache.

I went until 6:30 without a Diet Dr. Pepper.

I had to take a nap at 5:00.

My bread didn't work out.

I ate too much bacon fat cause it just tasted so good (but it's so, so bad).


I worked up a really good sweat on the treadmill.

I was patient.

I was kind.

I loved my family.

I kept getting things done even when I didn't want to.

Well, at least I did until 5:00 (my nap) and even then I still helped Stephen make dinner and give Joshy a (much needed) bath.

And I still have a couple of hours left with Trevor tonight so.....I guess my day is going to end up being pretty darn great.

(this picture makes me pretty darn happy too...
Kyran and his family came and visited last weekend and we had SUCH a good time. 
Hey Candice? 
Can you please email me some of the pictures you took? 
This is all I have and while it's a great one, I want some of all of us! 
Thanks sis!)


Candice and Quinn said...

Consider it done! Thanks again for letting us share conference weeked with you all!

Brent said...

I know that this comment is late but I have thought a lot about it over the years. What better quality is there then satisfied.