Friday, October 28, 2011

A very important timeline

The most important timeline if you ask me.

August 1997: I start working at Little Caesars and first meet Trevor.

November 22 1997: Our very first "official" date. We ate Taco Bell and went to my high schools play of "Annie Get Your Gun". Highlights of the evening? Enchurrito burp, opening a big bag of skittles during the play and spilling them all over the concrete floors and Trevor (trying) to teach me how to drive his Bronco.

March 1998: We went to my high schools Prom. And ignored everyone else around us~ by accident, of course. All I remember about that night is Trevor.

June 1998 to April 1999: I attend and graduate cosmetology school; Trevor picked me up everyday and we would go get a soda and drive through Zions and anywhere else we wanted to go. One time we drove to Mesquite and I was sure I would get in trouble if my parents found out (which they didn't...till now); Trevor worked in Jackson for about 2 months or so, driving home every weekend so we could be together.

July 1999: Trevor proposed to me at the top of Angels Landing (a hike in Zions). He fell down, I answered with "Are you serious?" and we haven't let each other forget it. I generally don't love the hike back but I loved that one...lots of dreaming and planning....

October 29th 1999: We were married in the St. George Temple.

For forever. 

And ever. 

There have been many more important dates to add to our timeline; births, moves, graduating from college, personal accomplishments; Our life together has been fulfilling and with more happiness than I could have ever imagined on that hike back from Angels Landing 12 years ago.


The McOmie's said...

Happy anniversary! I just loved reading this bit of your love story, thanks for sharing it!!

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary! Trevor takes the best pictures!

Brent said...

Very important timeline. Happy Anniversary.

Joyleen said...

Im so glad you (sarah) became a part of the family!