Wednesday, November 9, 2011

10 things about today.

1. I woke up to the girls room looking like this:

Yes, it does, in fact, look worse than last night. And yes, that is an egg box on the floor. Apparently

Annabelle has big plans for it.

2. Trevor and I had lively discussion at the dinner table about our school system and whether or not kids

should be served 3 meals a day at school. At one point, Trevor was called a "democrat" for using bogus

statistics. But I also said "It takes a village to raise a child" and was reminded of WHO made that saying

famous. I took it back and have regretted saying it since.

4. We had lasagna for dinner....with homemade "sheet" noodles. SHEET noodles, people. Anyone else

reminded of "The Help"?

5. Trevor and I sat on the couch and looked through this book:

It brought back some great memories.

6.Joshua worked out this morning to P90X and afterwards, pointed to his nipples and said "They're getting

stronger." Strong nipples are highly underrated.

7. The girls made us laugh tonight. But they always make me laugh. Like this picture I took of them:

It's just a little awkward, right? But in an absolutely adorable way.

8. I went to Wal Mart today because I have been inspired to start cross stitching. Unfortunately, cross

stitching appears to be from yesteryear because our Rexburg Wal Mart had none of the supplies to do it.

There goes what I'm sure would have been a extremely useful and marvelous talent.

9. I learned to make bows from a really cool blog today. And now that I know how, I'm going to make a

million of them and put them on everything.

10. Trevor came home today at his usual time: 6:15 and we have had a stupendous evening. It's been really,

really great. And in about 20 minutes me and Trevor will be watching the new New Girl episode and eating

Milk Duds.


Jill said...

Don't worry Sarah...she didn't 'coin' the phrase... she borrowed it from an Old African Proverb;) Love the picture of the girls!

Brent said...

Calling Trevor a democrat was really good for a laugh from me. It is a good photo of the girls.