Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Halloween joke....

What does a rocker,

Taylor Swift

and a hunter all have in common?

Absolutely nothing except that this is what Halloween looked like at our house.

I never said it was a funny joke~!

And I forgot to get a picture of Joshua so I'm feeling a little mom guilt....

This is what the morning after Halloween looks like if I'm feeling sick.

That would be the dishes used to fix food for the kids party and food for our family party.

We had the traditional Chicken Chili and my moms famous corn bread.

And maple bars for desert.

No wonder I'm feeling sick.


Chris and Jenna said...

Great costumes guys! What did Joshua dress up as? Glad to see it's not only my kitchen that looks like that! ;)

Candice and Quinn said...

Love the costumes! Sorry you are sick sawa. Maybe the dish fairy will visit you!!!

Brent said...

Why don't you put an apron on Trevor and have in a dishwasher costume.