Saturday, November 5, 2011

It snowed today...

This is just one of many blog posts with this title, I am sure. 

What a good day though...!

Trevor worked 70 hours this week and we are so ready for him to not work seventy hour weeks.

So because it felt as if we hadn't seen him in forever (slight exaggeration), the kids and I took him lunch and

hung out with him for a couple of hours.

I never get tired of that man.

And now a good day is turning into a great night.

Since he wasn't home for nacho movie night last night (although he did bring home Albertos for me and

him~yummy), we have plans to eat nachos while watching the movie Water For Elephants.

I'll keep you posted on how long he can keep his eyes open tonight.

To be honest though, I wouldn't blame him if he fell asleep while eating.

(p.s. Candice...we never got outside to build a snowman today so a picture of that will have to come another

day....enjoy New Girl least you better!)


Candice and Quinn said...

Loved New Girl! She is so adorable! I hope the show does well. I'm sad I don't get to see an awesome snow man from your kiddos but I'm so happy to hear you have Trevor home now. We cannot wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!!!!

Chris and Jenna said...

How is the movie Water for Elephants? Glad to hear you had a fun weekend!