Thursday, November 3, 2011

Purple baths

In an effort to be a cooler mom, today I set up the tent for Joshua. 

By myself. 

Yes, it looks droopy and not the way a tent should actually look.

And yes, Trevor had to fix it when he got home. 

But my heart was (kind of) in the right place. 

I really just wanted Josh to be happy and think I was the absolute best. 

Mission accomplished. 

We played in the tent for quite awhile. 

We told stories (but no scary ones or any about werewolves or Bigfoot or any stories about

 anyone named Harry) and ate candy and built fires with blocks. 

When Stephen came home, him and his friend had a lot of fun:

And they left a lot of candy wrappers.

The kids are going to have a sleepover in the tent tomorrow night.

So...yes....I am a stupendous mom!!!


Trevor says I look scary in this picture but I have to say that his eyes look way scarier than I look. 

We have found 2 new favorite t.v. shows.

1. New Girl 

( I about died laughing at this weeks episode~literally. 

Okay, not literally..I just said that so I can see Trevor's

 reaction when he reads it. 

Hearing people say "literally" over everything is a pet peeve of his)

2. The Middle

I highly recommend these two shows if you love laughing and if you love to hear your spouse laugh. 

Cause you both will.


Do you ever have moments when you wish you had a 

camera available to record the cute things your kids do?

I get those moments a lot. 

Like today when Trevor got home from work, Josh told him that he took a colored bath. 

I informed Trevor that it was a purple bath. 

Trevor started (pretend) laughing hysterically at Joshua because he took a purple bath.

Josh just about went crazy. 

There is no way he would ever take a purple bath and he was intent on letting his daddy know that. 

He tried wrestling, yelling, jumping on top on him....but Trevor just kept laughing. 

Believe me, it was so dang cute and now I bet you're wishing that I had had a camera available also. 

It's just not the same reading about it. 

I guess you just had to be there. 

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Chris and Jenna said...

New Girl is my new favorite show too! I seriously LOL through the entire fuuny!