Wednesday, November 30, 2011

While the Fowlers were here:

We made lots of desserts:

We spent lots of time with the sweet babies:

We sat around and talked and watched movies and 

Candices favorite that she just had to watch, the Biggest Loser:

And on Saturday, we went to Palisades and cut down a twig to use as their Christmas tree this year:

I love this picture of Candice and Kyran:

The goodbye wasn't even all that hard since in about two weeks, we're heading out to Boise for an

 overnight trip and they're going to watch our kids for us! 


I can't wait until then....


Candice and Quinn said...

We cant wait either Sarah!! by the way the twig looks great in our little corner of our little apartment! Thanks for taking us. It was more about the experience than the twig;)

Jenée's Blog said...

I love the "twig" of a Christmas tree... and the SNOW!!! -Seriously jealous of your fun times in the snow. (LoL - When is it going to get here!?)