Monday, January 30, 2012

And so it begins...

 Emily gave her missionary presentation tonight and did a fantastic job! 

We are so proud of her. 

She put so much hard work and time into making it great.

She was assigned to Peru and shared with us a lot of great information. 

She also gave us a lesson on Lehi's dream and the interpretation of it. 

She drew pictures to go along with her lesson 

and we had a really good discussion on it as a family.

Emily and I made authentic Peruvian food for dinner.

She chose to make Arroz Tapado for our main course. 

It's like a rice hamburger. 

It has a meat mixture on the inside and cilantro rice for the buns. 

Weird thing: the meat had carrots, peas, hard boiled egg and some peanut butter mixed in.

It was actually really delicious. 

As her side she made Ensalda de Choclo. 

It's a ctirusy cilantro corn~ so so good!

And for dessert she made Peruvian Alfajores;

basically a shortbread sandwich cookie with dulce de leche as the filling. 

Again, so so good!

What a great way to begin this month of "Missionary Homecomings!"

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Jenée's Blog said...

I am looking forward to reading these missionary "Homecomings" every week. I think this is a really neat family tradition.