Monday, January 16, 2012

Called to serve!

Annabelle has been called to serve in the Philippines Iloilo mission.
Or as she read it "The Phillip-penis mission" LOL!!!!
 Emily has been called to serve in the Peru Cusco Mission.
 Joshua has been called to serve in the Italy Rome mission.
 Stephen has been called to serve in the Arizona-New Mexico Navajo-speaking mission.
They are so excited.
Which makes me so excited.

It was nice to have a happy FHE because I was irritated beforehand and it took quite the coaxing and joking from Trevor to get me to NOT be irritated anymore.
I was irritated because Carl peed in the house a ton today and I blame the kids (it's wrong, I know). But when they're in school, he does just fine because I leave him outside for 15-30 minutes each time. The kids like him in the house every possible minute. So if they let him out to go potty, they bring him right back in as soon as they "think" he's done.
And after cleaning up pee all day, Carl puked in the house right before dinner and that just grosses me out.
For dinner I boiled some squash and made squash soup and threatened the kids that they wouldn't get anything else for dinner until every bite of that soup was gone.
The punishment backfired on me though because they all claimed to love it. Even Trevor ate it although I'm not sure if he ate it to make me happy again or if he just really liked it.
I'm pretty sure that it was so I'd be happy. It worked.


Brent said...

gotta' love those dogs.

Jenée's Blog said...

YEA!! -Just like last year, I look forward to hearing -I mean reading- about their mission reports.

Jill said...

dog barf is the worst!!!