Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas by the Haslems

We started a new tradition this year......we give each other gifts that we make ourselves (with help from mom and dad as needed).
The boys decided to make the girls each a pillow.
Josh made Emily a heart and Stephen made Anna a bird. 

The girls made the boys a sword and shield which have already gotten a lot of use!

The kids and I made Trevor a rice pillow. When I was growing up, my dad always had one of these. 
You heat it up in a microwave. 
Or if you don't have one of those (like us..don't ask why cause we don't know...we'll pretend it's because we don't want cancer), then you stick it in the oven after you're done cooking dinner and let it warm up (although sometimes we forget it's in there and I find it the next morning all cooled off).
Anyways, they're great for warming you feet or for relaxing tired, achy muscles. 
And with how many hours Trevor works, he needs it!

(yeah, he looks creepy)

Trevor helped the kids make me a new fruit bowl. It's going to take a whole bunch of fruit to fill it but that's alright...
It has each of their handprints on the side and picture that they each drew of me and them. 
I love it and will keep it forever. 
Trevor wrote me a limerick. 
I have framed it and hung it up beside my bed. 
And that's all I'm allowed going to say about that. 

 Okay so this next one isn't homemade but he fell asleep on Anna's bed and looked so dang cute that I had to take a picture and share it...

He gets to be a better and better dog every day.
Although he was just doing some weird dance to his blanket and that's just gross.
We love him anyway.

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Chris and Jenna said...

Those gifts turned out soooo great! You are brave to give two little boys swords though...I fear the damage my two little crazies would cause with those!