Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Graham Crackers + Frosting = Deliciousness.

When I was growing up, whenever my mom made frosting, 

she would use whatever was leftover and 

frost some graham crackers as a snack for the family. 

And now I happily do the same for my kids. 

Unfortunately for me, if I make myself one,

(like I did earlier today)

I put so much frosting on that you can hardly taste the cracker. 

And today I used store bought frosting. 

That stuff is pure evil.

If the can is sitting out, I inevitably take the lid off and get a scoop. 

(much like I do peanut butter)

Note to you all:

Do not eat frosting or peanut butter at the Haslem house. 

Just a friendly warning....


Jenée's Blog said...

You and me both when it comes to Peanut Butter...
I will purposely scoop a large amount on the knife (not very safe) for my children's sandwiches, just to have enough leftover to lick off.

Lisa said...

You have to try chocolate-frosted graham crackers FROZEN. Oh my YUM!

Marcia said...

I do the same thing for my kids! Then I help myself to one, or five over frosted crackers . . .
As for Carl ~ like you already know ~ this too shall pass. But a few tips on the chewing~ give him PLENTY of exercise, buy him a hard rubbery chew toy, and the raw hide bones. Spend the money on the good rubber chew toy ($10-15 at petsmart) they last a long time and the pups seem to LOVE them! :)