Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home is simply the best.

(my only brown eyed baby)
Sometimes after a long day, all I need is Trevor to come home and I feel rested again. 
I have a lot on my mind tonight. 
Things about today, about yesterday, about the future. 
But for now, I just want to think about tonight. 
There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary or special about it but it just made me happy. 
Trevor came home at 6:00 and we did the usual; he talked with the kids about their day, 
asking the obligatory questions and letting them tell their stories. 
We then took a break and went and had "adult talk" in our bedroom for 10 minutes. 
We discussed his work and the oven and how sparks were flying from
 the heating element earlier and that now it just won't work. 
While I made dinner he looked up the part on the internet and 
realized it won't break the bank we just need to go buy it. 
We had a very simple but delicious dinner of fried eggs over chicken rice. 
(try it~it sounds weird, I know, but it's yummy)
We sat around the table and colored pictures 
(Stephen drew a picture of a man stabbing a shark and 
Joshua secretly drew both Trevor and I a picture and hid it under our pillows).
We teased each other, we talked more about our days and 
whatever was on our minds and a little about politicians. 
Carl peed on his blanket and he got sent outside (almost house trained). 
The kids took showers and we all ended up in the front room where me and the kids laughed 
while Carl and Trevor fought and barked at each other and wrestled. 
I tried to go do the dishes but Trevor just wouldn't let me.
So we read the scriptures and said prayers and sent the kids to bed. 

It's funny how the things that make me the most tired are the things that make me the happiest. 
Last night after mutual, I went to a movie for a little alone time. 
(Trevor had to work on business and I tend/ like to distract him...oops!)
As I was sitting there waiting for the movie to start, I looked through my phone at all my pictures. 
And I emailed some to Trevor because I knew he was on the computer. 

I may have needed a break but I just can't take one for very long before I start missing my home. 
And it's nights like tonight that make me understand why.

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