Sunday, January 22, 2012

I love Valentines Day.

I do believe that it's my very favorite holiday. 

I was the teenager that doodled my crush's name with hearts

 all over my school books and any random paper I had. 

And now I have hearts hanging up all over my house. 

It's safe to say I'm a hearts kind of gal. 

I have set some goals for myself this week. 

1. Drink a gallon of water every day. 

2. Research Republican candidates and decide which one I'm for.  (Trevor's pleased with this one)

3. Prepare my talk for next Sunday on "Strengthening Marital Relationships".

4. Be a better mother. Yeah, that's a no brainer but....

I sometimes wonder if I've given the impression on this blog that I think I'm a really good mother 

and that worries me a bit.

Cause I'm not. 

It's something I work on though. 

And every once in awhile I have moments where I just have to congratulate

 myself on a mothering job well done.

Like tonight when I didn't get mad when one of my little darlings spilled my soda. 

I was calm and just asked that she get a rag and the cleaner. 

I for sure patted myself on the back for that one. 

(We all know how I feel about my DDP)

But I have lots of moments where I lose my patience and get frustrated. 

Like spilled milk bothers me 

(it's like money down the drain....or maybe soaked in the carpet).

Or when I'm on the phone and my kids constantly interrupt me.

I also get annoyed when I'm in the shower and the bathroom door gets opened and 

all the cold air comes in and gives me goose bumps.

(it usually happens when I'm shaving~go figure)

But sometimes I have good moments and I like to remember those.

I really love my four little ones....

So......those are my goals for this week. 

And I just may put up some more hearts around my home. 

By the way....

Trevor shaved. 

And, dang it all, he looks handsome. 

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