Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lets talk about Carl, shall we?

It's been over a month and he's still trying to figure out the treadmill. 

Today I thought he was going to bite my ankles and so I of course got mad at him. 

It's just that I kind of like my ankles. 

Besides that, he's been driving me insane today.

(something you already knew, Candice, because of an ill-timed phone call~ I just really like talking to you)

He's chewing on everything, he constantly wants to play and he keeps bugging the kids. 

But I know that the craziness will pass and really, it's just a one day thing; he really misses his playmate. 


Joshua and I made crazy cake today and so I'm going to eat a slice or maybe a big piece of that, 

watch a movie and paint my nails. 

It's a big and much-awaited-for day tomorrow.

In preparation, I gave myself a full on facial today and will be washing my hair and shaving in the morning!

The things we do for true love....

(Thanks Jenee for the encouragement in your last'll be happy to know that today I drank another gallon of water. But I'm getting kind of sick of the bathroom.)


Jenée's Blog said...

I was going to say that I'm willing to bet after the first week of your 'water goal', your bathroom visits will slow down. Water is a purifier, and right now it's helping to rid your body of any unnecessary "build up"... so to speak. However, Scott just informed me that is not the case for him. He drinks a lot of water during the day at work, and has a personal bathroom stall with his name on it. (J/K) Hmm... :o)

I was just thinking about Carl... Don't dogs age faster than humans? If so, he would probably be in the "Terrible Two" stage by now, right? {LoL} Y'all should bring that little rascal with you Saturday night... there's not much to chew on in the Sun Room. *winks*

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