Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My girls are growing up.

And they are growing up quite well. 

They are (almost) always willing to help out. They are kind, sweet, and fun. They can be crazy and funny and silly. 

My favorite times are our after dinner talks at the table. Instead of leaving the table after we finish eating, we all stick around for awhile and talk. My girls are learning to think more like mature young ladies and we can have some real conversations. 

And they just make me feel happy. 

Joshua and I took Carl on a walk today to get the mail and while talking to our neighbor, he decided to lay down in the mud.

So...Carl got the 2nd bath of his life.

He liked it, thank goodness. If he is going to be an inside dog, he has to get used to it because they'll definitely be a monthly thing.

And not to jinx it or anything, but we are going on day 2 of no accidents in the house.

A happy, happy day...

(Anybody else have the Live Iowa Results pulled up in another window? 
Trevor, so far, is pleased with the results....but it's a close one!)


Jenée's Blog said...

HaHa! Scott's watching them via Internet too, as we speak or as I type.
Although he says, "I'm still among the 41% of undecided Iowans... just anybody but Ron Paul."

Brent said...

Cute puppy.