Friday, January 6, 2012

Nacho Movie Night.

One day it will take over the world.

Our night started out with us watching this movie:
Which was about as lame as you can imagine.
Although it was thought provoking at one point.
The smurfs were missing their siblings and one in particular that they were missing was "Passive Aggressive Smurf who is nice to your face but you always feel bad when he leaves". I've never heard passive-aggressiveness described that way~it's so...awful sounding. I have been around people like that and it sucks. It will definitely be something that I watch out for in myself.
During the last half of the movie, Trevor and I had our shirts covering our noses because Carl had the stinkiest gas...we gave him some of the chicken off our nachos that he subsequently threw up and is probably what was making the odor.
It's really horribly, terribly bad.
We are going to end the night by watching this movie:
Trevor has made a promise to himself (not to me because he wouldn't want to disappoint me; disappoint himself? He can do that...[his words, not mine]) that he will stay awake for the whole movie.
I bought us both a 3 Musketeers and so hopefully that and a Diet Coke will help him keep his promise.
We're painting tomorrow so if he falls asleep I won't get too upset....and if he snores, I'll only plug his nose once. Maybe twice. Three will be the limit. That's my promise to myself.

(I have to say that the last movie we rented was Warrior which was an excellent movie but we both fell asleep during it and had to finish the next day. Also I want you to know that so you don't think I'm always renting Girlie movies. Not that it matters because he really wouldn't care if I did. He likes naps, you know.)


Candice and Quinn said...

We did not like Smurfs either. Really boring, we couldn't even get Asa t
o started interested.
Enjoy your chick flick sista.

Jill said...

Im interested to know how you liked "One Day'...I have the book but couldn't get past the first 5 pages.

Brent said...

Thank you for the posts. I kind of wonder if Trevor liked The Smurfs or One Day the most.