Monday, January 30, 2012

Our house....

gets quite messy on a Sunday afternoon. 

We've got an empty chip bag, nail polish remover, tape(s), beads, scissors, paper...etc.

Plus the boxes from Sams club that inevitably stick around for a 

couple days because my kids swear they'll use them. 

But...they've now been thrown away. 

The girls made dessert for the family. 

They made some delicious brownies.

I definitely recommend you making them for your family....

I just absolutely love Sundays. 

It's Mondays when I have to clean up that I don't love so much....

(our after school mess~ although this does include 4 of the neighbor kids things)

Candice sent me a picture of our house in Boise that received a ton of snow....

I think it looks so pretty and it's way more snow than we've gotten here!

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