Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We had an amazing time in St.George for a week. 
We went to Pahrump to celebrate Trevor's dad's wedding~
it was so nice to be with all of his siblings for that! 
We were so grateful that we could make it down there for such an important event.
We were able to visit with some of our favorite people. 
Like P.J. and McKenna. 
They have one talented little boy: he can bend in half with no problem at all. 
And their other boy is about the most polite kid ever!
Candice and Quinn surprised everyone with a trip down to St. George also!
Except they didn't surprise me and Trevor cause we already knew~ it's so cool to be in "the know"...
And we found out that Candice and McKenna are pregnant!
That makes 3 on the Barwick side and 3 on the Haslem side...
holy moly.. that's a lot of babies.
 Joshua turned 5 while we were there. 
(I'm secretly crying inside but don't tell Trevor that I still carry him around..I need to stop that, I know.)
Check out my awesome cake:
 Yep, I free handed that. 
It was pretty sweet despite all the laughter from those watching....
I love Joshua. 
He has brought so much joy to our life.

My mom and dad were so generous to us while we were there. 
We ate lots of yummy food, talked a lot, and had a grand time...
And now that we're home, there's lots of catching up to do. 
Carl got neutered sad. 
He's half a man now.
And I have yet to get my to do list done.
Hopefully I'll have it done tomorrow although there will be about 5 more things added to it, I'm sure...


Brent said...

I am glad that you had a good time. I really appreciate your trip to Pahrump.

Madsens said...

Makes me jealous! Miss you all so much!