Monday, February 13, 2012

Hey Stephen....

He fell asleep like this yesterday after church. 

It seems like yesterday when I was sitting on the couch with him when he was a baby and he needed my 

help to go to sleep.

Now he's reading Harry Potter (on the second book), making his own Valentines, saying his own prayers 

and wiping his own whatever-needs-to-be-wiped things (he has a cold right now so I'm mainly thinking of 

his nose).

He still needs me though.

Like last night, he came running into my room crying because he had a bad dream.

It was one of those awful ones that I think we've all had where there's just a person screaming. He laid on

the floor by my bed and I tried to comfort him by telling him other things to think about; Trevor volunteered

suggestions through his own dream-like state. Finally, Stephen came up with his own idea to help calm

himself. He asked Trevor for a blessing. So Trevor woke up, gave him a blessing and Stephen was fine for

the rest of the night. In fact, he realized that his dream was actually kind of funny.

So he may still need me, but he also knows how to take care of himself.

He's a very good boy.

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