Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How stereotypically housewife-y of me.

I started doing this:

It's not finished yet.
And I'm not sure what exactly it's called...Cross stitching (no)? Maybe it's embroidery?
Whatever it is, I love doing it.
And I did it yesterday while I was volunteering at the book fair.
And I'll probably do it tomorrow while there also.
And when I'm finished, I may even frame it.

Joshua said something so funny tonight although we all tried hard not to laugh:
He peed in his pants and so Trevor asked him why. Josh said 

"I couldn't open my wienie fast enough."

What does that even mean???
All we could do was laugh....As a mom, I try hard to teach my kids the correct words for our "parts"  but I can't imagine any word that would be okay in that sentence. Out of all the words that could be used, "wienie" is the most appropriate.

This week has been Parent Teacher conferences. Is it strange that I enjoy these? I love all 3 of my kids teachers. They are hands down the best teachers they've ever had. And all the teachers had to say about each of them was good. Excellent reading skills, spelling, they do well at math....I mean who could complain? They are perfect angels. (ha!)

So it's been a very "mom" week for me.

I love being a stereotypical housewife.