Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Star Wars Spa Night.

The boys did a Star Wars night which included popcorn and candy.
Joshua lasted for a lot longer than I expected before he fell asleep.
And Stephen had no problem at all staying awake.
I think Trevor may have dozed at one point.

While the boys enjoyed their movie, us girls gave each other facials, painted our nails and I braided the girls hair.
We first steamed our faces, then exfoliated with baking soda and finished it off with a ginger oatmeal mask.
Oh, it was heaven.
And then we painted hearts on our nails.
We're so festive!
Here we are with our oatmeal masks. They dried so tight to our skin~ it felt wonderful (and a little itchy)!
Anna looks kind of crazy...

Emily looks really happy....

And I look old...(and like I have a booger coming out my nose but no's just oatmeal)

But that's okay because I'm growing up and so are my girls.
It was a great, great evening.
I absolutely LOVE spending time with my girls!
Who knew that having kids could mean built in best friends?


Candice and Quinn said...

That sounds like an amazing night. You have got some darn cute friends!

Chris and Jenna said...

I'll have to give that oatmeal mask a try one of these days! My mask of choice is usually an avocado but Chris gets mad when I waste one of those on my face. He just doesn't understand the price of beauty!