Thursday, March 15, 2012

The girl in her ears.

It's been such nice weather that the boys went outside to practice catching balls. Baseball season is coming

up for Stephen and he's got to be ready...

Hey guess what?? Trevor is going to be 32 tomorrow! WOW! All he's requested for his birthday is two

white church shirts and a pair of work pants.

That's crazy, I say.

And totally lame.

I think I can do better than that....

Want to read something totally funny?

Candice's text to me today:

(after asking me if I'd read The Hunger Games yet and me answering yes and have you?)

"Quinn and I are reading it together. Loooove it. A girl in my EARS bought me premiere tickets...I'm so


Funniest thing I'd heard all day long.

My reply:

"That is so weird that you have a girl in your ears...does she talk to you a lot? and how does she get out? I

assume she does since she got you tickets..."

My favorite response from Candice:

" Haha I love the girl in my ears! except she sounds a lot like me which can get annoying."

She obviously didn't mean ears, it was a typo from her phone, she actually meant ward. And I'm still laughing

about it.

Hey Amy Bird!!! Happy Birthday! I love you! and miss you a ton....

1 comment:

Candice and Quinn said...

Hahahahaha! It's even more funny now reading it on your blog. You, my sister are the silliest, and I love it!