Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Carbs are bad, right?

Didn't I mention almost a week ago in my last post how crazy life has been? 
It's still true. 
Maybe even a little crazier...
But that's alright because I can tell that it's starting to slow down a little. 

Last nacho movie night, Emily sat on Joshua's nachos. 
It was super hilarious. 
We all heard a loud crunch and knew exactly what happened.
Everyone looked at me to see my reaction
so I decided to laugh and everyone else did also. 
Isn't it funny how a mom's attitude affects the whole household? 
It was a great lesson for me of learning to just laugh more and allow my family to laugh more as well. 
It's not as if we couldn't go get more chips and spicy ranch from the kitchen...

On Sunday, the girls helped me make tortillas for dinner. 
They are really great helpers in the kitchen although flour was everywhere by the time we were done. 

Today we had the neighbor kids over for lunch (we really love those kids) 
and decided to make pretzels. 

I love homemade fact I strongly believe that they are even better than the mall's pretzel store. 
(I'm only kidding...PretzelTimes are super good after a long shopping trip....
especially when dipped in cheese)

I'm only now just realizing that this whole post has been on food. 
And so to end, here's what I'm eating right now:
These are my new favorite snack.
But I feel really ghetto eating them. 
I think it has something to do with Brittany Spears always eating Cheetos. 
No matter, they are really delicious. 
The kids always ask for some and I of course, tell them no. 
They're my special treat. 

So let's recap: nachos, tortillas, pretzels and Cheetos. 
Definitely a carbohydrate overload.